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About Me

Meet the Ali Behind Back Ali Design

I'm glad you're here. Thank you for coming to my website. I'm going to tell you about who I am as a designer instead of giving you a sales pitch. If you think we'd be a good match, press that dark purple button below and let's let this business relationship blossom! 

My Vision

How does design connect us? Design is a voice. My vision is to give conscious-minded businesses a stronger voice in our community! Supporting the growth of conscious businesses will help lead to a more compassionate, sustainable, community. We're all a part of the same world and I intend to use the voice of design to better it, anyway I can. Now is the time to take action, and this is my stand. I strive to complete this vision by providing mid-west business owners with branding and/or promotional materials to achieve their desired vision. Every contract has an opportunity not only a business agreement but also an alliance. Let me help strengthen your company's voice.

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