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Connection through Compassion

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Connection through Compassion is a project very close to my heart. I'm not only the graphic designer for this local non-profit but a member of the board of directors. Their message really spoke to me. Normalize kindness.

This logo is a tree based on the giving tree. This is a place during the holiday's or in festival culture where a person leaves behind a gift, something new or something used, and then someone in need of that gift that can in return leave something behind or simply take what they need. Connection through Compassion embodies this non-expectation kindness spreading culture by creating tools, such as the kindness card, to allow for easier access to opportunities of deeper connection and intimacy.

Kindness cards can be as simple as taking a piece of paper and writing a kind message to pass forward on it. The goal of run by Connection through Compassion is to teach individuals not only how to make these cards but guide them through the social process of handing a strangers (friends not yet made) kindness cards. Above I have an example of a kindness card design I helped produce.

Please visit and take a look around.

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